Rotax Max Challange

Rotax Max Euro Trophy

The Euro Trophy weekends begin on Wednesday and Thursday with optional test sessions, mandatory free practices and qualifications are held from Friday onwards. Based on the qualifying results, short races (so called Heats) determine the starting order for Final 1 and its classification sets the starting grid for Final 2. The first 15 drivers are awarded points in each Finals, with the winner receiving 25 points. In case of the Euro Trophy, the best six results are considered in the final classification.

To provide fairness, the drivers are assigned to different categories based on their age and weight. The Junior category is dedicated to drivers between 12-14 years of age with a combined weight of 145 kgs, Senior is open to drivers from the age of 14 and a combined weight of 163 kgs.

Central European Rotax Max Challenge

The rules of Central European Rotax Max Challenge are slightly different but the age and weight minimums are also 14 years of age and 160 kgs. The main events are the Qualification, the Pre-Final, the Final and the Super Final on Sunday. The drivers receive points based on their results in the Finals, the top 15 Final results are considered in the overall classification, each driver drops the weakest Final result from each round.

The point system is very different compared to the Euro Trophy; the top four drivers receive 34-33-32-31 points in the Pre-Final and Final races and the rest score a point less for each position, while in the Super Final the winner gets 55 points and the rest of the drivers are also rewarded even if they did not make it to the finish, in this case they get 5 points less than the last classified driver.

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