About karting

Karting originates from the United States but since the 1950s it has become popular in Europe as well and nowadays it is a unique discipline in the world of motor racing. It has become an essential entry level category for talented racers who aim for a career in circuit racing. Since the 1980s, most of the Formula 1 drivers has begun their careers in various karting championships. The minimum age for drivers is 7-9 years, the youngsters usually switch for racing cars at the age of 16 but many of them keep racing karts as adults in order to stay fit, keep the racing rhythm and some of them choose to build a career in karting. It is a very useful form of racing because the drivers can learn the formal and informal rules of motorsports, the way the weekends are executed and the basics of vehicle dynamics. Karting also prepares them to drive faster and more powerful racing cars as well.

Governance is provided by the Internationale de l’Automobile through the International Karting Commission (CIK-FIA), it is led by former F1 driver Felipe Massa. Besides the FIA-CIK World Championship and European Championship, various manufacturers organize own series, just like the Rotax Max Challenge Euro Trophy and Central European Rotax Max Challenge. Rotax is a subsidiary of Bombardier, they provide various engines for different classes of karting competitions.

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