This weekend, Tamás Gender Junior will compete in the sixth round of the IAME series. Almost everything will be new for the Hungarian karter, who will be racing for Forza Racing.

After last week’s championship round, Tamás Gender Junior is once again competing in Italy this weekend, at the sixth round of the IAME series, which takes place in Franciacorta, located approximately 20 km from Brescia. Racing in the X30 Junior category, the kart driver will find one familiar aspect: the track, as he has competed here on several occasions. However, he will need to adapt to everything else. It will be his first time racing with the kart used in this class, and not only the engine but also the Komet tires will be a new experience for him.

“This will be my first race weekend in the X30 Junior category. With the help of my team, Forza Racing, I started getting acclimated on the very first day of practice because there are many things I need to adjust to. The engines used in this category are not as powerful as those in OK Junior, so the role of drafting becomes much more crucial, and the tires require a different driving style than what I have been used to. I have to adapt to all of these changes, and if that wasn’t enough, there is a heatwave alert in effect in this part of Northern Italy, so it will be physically demanding for me and the other drivers,” looked ahead the Hungarian Motorsport Academy supported athlete.

Tamás Gender Junior will take part in qualifying with the 84-strong field on Thursday, as the race weekend will run from Thursday to Saturday, which is different from the usual schedule. For results and other information, click HERE.