From 16th to 18th June, prestigious touring car races and formula car races will take place at the Hungaroring. Alongside the International GT Open field, drivers from TCR Europe and Formula Regional by Alpine will also be participating. In the TCR Europe, the driver of Aggressive Team Italia, Levente Losonczy, will also be on the track. Tickets are available at

What are your experiences so far with the Hungaroring? Despite your international career, do you truly feel it as a home track?
During my Clio Cup career, I have stood on the podium several times at the Hungaroring, and I made my debut in the TCR category here last year. Despite racing extensively abroad, I truly consider the Hungaroring as my home track. It has a nearly 40-year history as a Formula 1 circuit, and competing here is always a very special experience.

Which is your favorite section of the track, and which is the biggest challenge?
My favourite part of the track is the section after the chicane, the rhythm of the corners is one of the best. The biggest challenge is turn 4: you approach it on a climb, so you don’t see much of it, it’s hard to gauge how much speed you can put in. That’s why it’s the most difficult.

You’re racing with Norbi Michelisz again, do you see him more as an opponent or as a mentor for the Hungarian Motorsport Academy?
I primarily see Michelisz Norbi as a role model and secondly as a mentor in the Hungarian Motorsport Academy. It is indeed a great honor to be able to compete alongside him again this weekend. He is not only a great driver but also a fantastic person. Moreover, racing in the same car as him provides additional motivation for me to improve and become faster.

What can someone expect when participating in their first TCR race? In your opinion, what makes this championship series the most exciting?
Someone participating in their first TCR race can expect intense competition, especially due to the Balance of Performance (BoP) system that applies to all manufacturers. The close battles in this series make it very exciting. There is no DRS, so it’s crucial to stay close to your competitors. Tricks or artificial means of overtaking are not allowed, emphasizing the importance of skill and strategy on the track.

Apart from TCR, which championship series do you find the most interesting in this weekend’s program?
Apart from TCR, the most interesting championship series will be the International GT Open, where spectators will have the opportunity to admire cars from various manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, or Porsche. These cars will reach speeds of over 230 km/h by the end of the finish line, making for a truly spectacular race.

In addition, the Formula Regional by Alpine championship features several promising talents, including Andrea Kimi Antonelli, who is already a member of the Mercedes Junior program. There will be many exciting moments outside the TCR, but I hope everyone is looking forward to our race the most!