Norbert Zsigovits

Career history

Norbert Zsigovits (1999) started riding motorcycles at the age of six, he came into the public eye at the age of 14-15 with a 450cc Kawasaki, and achieved good results in motocross in the national, Austrian and Czech championships, winning the second division championship there.

Nowadays, with many years of motocross and enduro racing experience, he competes in enduro, superenduro and hard enduro championships with the support of the HUMDA Academy under the MOTAM banner.

In 2022, after a change of category, he will compete in the Prestige, or King, category at the SuperEnduro World Championships, in a field with the best of superenduro racing.

About the motorbike

Norbert Zsigovits entered the “Open 4S” category on a 350cc, four-stroke KTM EXC (pictured). The bike was brand new and close to the production version, but has been modified with a special suspension tuned to the rider’s style.

For the SuperEnduro GP he uses a lighter, more controllable two-stroke KTM EXC 300 motorcycle, which he equips with a number of accessories to make it more usable in superenduro races and to prevent damage to the bike.



 Classic enduro racing is basically cross-country rallying on two wheels: riders compete in stages and special stages, stages being the link between special stages, which can be between 50 and 60 kilometres long, depending on the race, but each stage can last up to 2.5 hours, so the maximum daily distance is 7.5 hours. In the World Championship, the connecting stages must also be completed in the fastest possible time. The start of each day is usually at 9 AM, the first challenge is a special stage, which can be cross, enduro or extreme test for the riders.

Compared to classic enduro racing, SuperEnduro GP rounds are typically one-day events, with riders competing in three categories in short races of a few minutes, usually in indoor stadia. The sport is essentially a combination of enduro, motocross and trial racing, with practice sessions held against the clock and races where the riders compete against each other. The tracks feature various challenges, some resemble enduro racing, typically with wooden and rocky obstacles, some motocross elements such as jumps, wave lines or sharp corners, and some trial skill elements, including taller structures that riders have to jump on.

race calendar

10 December 2022



7 January 2023



4 February 2023



2 March 2023



18 March 2023




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